Laurel Sonne

Laurel first discovered her love of Flamenco in 2002, beginning her journey with Zambra under the direction of June Seaney, from Moonlight Dancer Studio in Ithaca, NY. She then studied and performed Flamenco with Rebecca Byam, Director of Tacones Calientes in Oneonta, NY. Laurel’s dedication to the art compelled her to travel to Spain to learn more about this beautiful dance in its birthplace. In 2004 she went to Spain for the first time. Since then and every year to the present she has returned for months at a time to further her studies, spending numerous hours with great Flamenco instructors, including:

  • Josefina Garcia Gonzalez, Fina La Churruca, Ojen, Malaga
  • Antonio Reyes, Amor de Dios, Madrid
  • Maria Torres, Amor de Dios, Madrid
  • Victor Bravo, Christina Hoyos Escuela de Flamenco, Sevilla
  • Rosa Belmonte, Christina Hoyos Escuela de Flamenco, Sevilla
  • Manuel Betanzos, Carmen de las Cuevas, Granada
  • Juan de Juan, Carmen de las Cuevas, Granada
  • Choni Cia. Flamenca, Sevilla
  • Patricia Ibanez Ramero, Centro de Baile Flamenco Patricia Ibanez, Jerez
  • Angel Atienza, Escuela de Flamenco Ados, Sevilla (Triana)
  • La Lupi, Sevilla (Triana)
  • Juan Paredes, Sevilla (Triana)
  • Virginia Ruiz, Sevilla (Triana)
  • Pilar Ortega, Academia de Flamenco Manuel Betanzos, (Triana)
  • Alicia Márquez, Estudio de Baile Alicia Márquez (Sevilla)
  • Ramón Martínez, Estudio de Baile Alicia Márquez (Sevilla)

Flamencologist, Juan Vergillos, on the Historia Del Baile Flamenco, (Sevilla)

Additional Spanish and Flamenco Intensive Studies, Ecscuela Carmen de las Cuevas, Granada:

  • Javier Martos
  • Pilar Fajardo
  • Maricarmen Guerrero
  • Judit Cabrera
  • Estefanie Martinez Puyol
  • Jorge Sanchez Martinez
  • Raimundo Benitez
  • Antonio Gomez el Turry
  • Estetfanie Martinez Puyol

Miguel Ángel González Flamencologist, Granada