Victor Bravo

Victor Bravo
Seville - 1977
Dancer, Choreographer and Director Bachelor of Spanish dance and flamenco, choreographic techniques and performing arts from the Matilde Coral high school of dance in Seville

The artist begins his studies at an early age and ending with only 15 years, Despite his great youth he launched abroad as a young promise of flamenco dancing. Artist of inexhaustible restlessness has investigated during his professional career different techniques, dances and cultures that today can be appreciated in his wide form of expression and in the maturity of his proposal in scenic. His first steps come from some of the great Sevillian masters such as Matilde Coral, El Mimbre or Manolo Marín and is formed by great theater, film and dance directors. After his transfer to Madrid and in his prompt and extensive professional experience began his wanderings in large companies as a soloist and first dancer such as the Company of María Rosa, where he has the privilege of being influenced by choreographers like Antonio Ruiz in the “The Hat of Three Peaks” playing the role of Garduña or José Antonio with the work Bodas de Sangre,

The Rafael Aguilar Company where he played roles such as "The concept of Carmen", "El Escamillo" or his spectacular flamenco version of "El Bolero"
With the Carmen Cortes Company in his work “Salomé” of the Oscar Wilde version and directed by the filmmaker Gerardo Vera
In the Company of Blanca del Rey in his show "Reborn"
Alberto Lorca directed him in his company "Spain Dance"
And in the Company of María Pagés in the work of "La Tirana" or "Flamenco Republic"
In 2002 he collaborates with Lauren Postigo who creates his show “Dancing the Word” directed by Juan Lérida and becomes part of the show of "Flamenquerías" by Luis Ortega in the mythical Madrid Hall "Florida Park"
During this stage and in its constant contracts abroad, Japan offers you the opportunity to share scenarios and projects with great artists such as Israel Galván, Lola Greco, Alejandro Granados, El Torombo, Juan Lérida, Luis Ortega, Currillo, Maribel Gallardo and many more…
In 2004, he is part of the International Company of Juaquín Cortes in his work “de Amor y Odio”
Then in the National Center of Tokyo collaborates in the work "Lisistrata" presented by the Company of Yoko Komatsubara accompanied by the musical direction and interpretation of Dorantes, Juan José Amador, Natalia Marín, La Tana, La Herminia, Juan Carlos Berlanga, Israel Galván, Marcos Vargas, Currillo, Maribel Gallardo ..
in which the critics place the artist as a great performer in theatrical flamenco
Then at the Jerez Festival as a guest artist of the Japanese company, he will play the role of "Luna" in "Bodas de Sangre".

In 2008 Masami Okada asks him to choreograph and direct his work "Fantasias con García Lorca", a work that will be the culmination of his first and intense stage as an artist.
Just after this experience, a cancer takes the dancer away from the stage for a while ... and after leaving this hard experience the great Master and dancer Cristina Hoyos proposes to be part of the team of the Flamenco dance Museum, Cristina Hoyos in which He is the director of the school of flamenco art, in addition to acting in the show of this palace of flamenco art.
Currently, it combines activities of both teacher and performer offering Master class, courses, choreography or stage directions with different projects and creations.
as in the growth of the “Improbataciones” phenomenon in collaboration with Asunción Pérez Choni, Manuel Cañadas, Alicia Acuña and David Bastidas and already premiered with her piece “Carril bata ya” at the Seville 2016 Flamenco Biennial and with another new representation at the Biennial 2018 show room version, organized by Sevilla Motor Flamenco, an organization created by the bailaor with Gala Vivancos, David Bastidas and Asunción Pérez Choni After the successes of his creations "Breath", "Wood and nail" and "Voice and Body" together with David Bastidas

In 2017 he presents his show “Alegoria,” which premieres in Ithaca - New york in addition to several national flamenco festivals such as "Algurugú" in Arahal or in the "Teatro Romano de Málaga" Work nominated for the Max Awards by his guest artist Asuncion Pérez Choni in the role of "destiny."

In September 2018 and together with his partner Asuncion Pérez Choni creates "Alma Remora"
Also presented at the Seville Flamenco Biennial 2018 in which the LORCA Prize is awarded to the best male flamenco dance performer by Aresan - Andalusian Performing Arts Association.
In 2019, the first LGTBI + flamenco festival is presented in Seville In which he is appointed curator of the festival called "La Bata Diversa" Collaborating with the different associations in the fight for equality and diversity.

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